2014 Bay Area Jurisdiction PCI Scores

Local Streets & Roads No Better, But No Worse: http://mtc.ca.gov/news/press_releases/rel680.htm

I was the analyst responsible for calculating these PCI Scores for 2014 (and 2013)*. The information (inspections and maintenance activities) are entered by the jurisdictions into a program called “StreetSaver“, which then uses that information to create a report with PCI Scores as of 12/31 for all 119,000 pavement management sections in the Bay Area. My task was to screen the data for errors, aggregate all of that into a couple different categories, and deliver the results. I ended up building a quick SQL database and writing a stored procedure to deliver results that could be copy and pasted into a template and published.

The nice thing is that next year when we have to do this again, it will take an hour or two instead of the weeks that it took before I started working with the agency.




*Of course, my analysis part couldn’t be done without the work of the StreetSaver developer and the work of all the different public works departments in the Bay Area.


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