Featured on CNU! Sweden’s Trafiklekparken

I recently shared one of the good planning ideas that I came across in Sweden on the Congress for the New Urbanism’s website! I was a guest author and was able to share my experience coming across the trafiklekparken in Näsby Park outside of Stockholm. Trafiklekparken is a public park designed to teach children traffic safety in a fun and attractive environment for parent and child alike. The traffic park is located inside of a larger central park and provides a number of different types of intersections and “roads” for kids to bike on to become more traffic savvy. Providing free, centrally located spaces like this for children is a good addition to mix of solutions needed to encourage safer neighborhood streets. You can read the full article on CNU’s website here and below are some of the photos from the park.

The photos on this page are released under the Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC 3.0. Feel free to use them for non-commercial purposes with attribution.

Trafiklekparken2 Trafiklekparken6 Trafiklekparken4 Trafiklekparken3 Trafiklekparken5 Trafiklekparken1


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