Flightlapse: Portland (PDX) to Stockholm and Return

I am back with another set of flightlapses! This time the flights are from my trip to Sweden. I had a short hop to Portland from Seattle on a Embraer 120 where I unfortunately confirmed that the vibrations from the turboprop interfere with my ability to get good video. I did get a few good shots, like the one just below, but no video . The other photos here show the southern tip of Greenland, Amsterdam, and the lakes of the Mälardalen on my return flight. Beautiful. Keep scrolling to the bottom for the flightlapses!


IMG_7569 IMG_7581 IMG_0223 IMG_0230

On regular planes, however, there is no issue getting video. Here are the flightlapses from my PDX-AMS-ARN and ARN-AMS-PDX legs!

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