New CEU: NTI's Intro to Asset Management

New CEU: NTI’s Intro to Asset Management

As part of my new position, I completed the NTI’s introduction course on asset management. The course itself spanned two full days and covered the basics of transit asset management, some of the big requirements coming from the FTA on transportation management, and some of the national tools such as TERM.

Asset management is actually a very interesting field. In my position, my database will eventually encompass most of the transit assets in the bay area. The bus that you see on the street? I have a record of how much it cost and when it went into service. That track segment by the platform at the BART station you are at? That is part of my data set as well. In a perfect world with perfect data, all transit assets would be in the database I am responsible for and modeled so that all of the relationships could be explored. I am working on it.