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kfishWhen I was traveling extensively, I was often left with a single gadget with battery power: My Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G. If my iPod, phone, and everything else was dead, I knew that there was a good chance that my Kindle was not only alive and well, but connected to the internet thanks to the global 3G coverage that is built in and free. It was a great travel companion and the Kindle Keyboard also included a browser that allowed access to the full internet (later models allows access to wikipedia, but not other sites). On one of my trips to Turkey, I used it to access Google translate and the idea of kfish* was born.

At that time, the interface for Google translate was not optimized for the stripped down and atypical format of the Kindle screen. The translation output on the screen was also useless for the type of on-the-go translations I had in mind and occasionally needed. I wanted big, shareable text and an interface that could be navigated without a mouse or an excessive number of clicks. The end result was that I created my own interface for Google Translate, using their API and javascript to call the service, as well as store preferences for languages. The net result is a light webpage that brings instant translation of over 50 languages to the Kindle.

Kfish went through a major redesign in 2012 to streamline the interface and maximize the amount of space available for the large output text. The text is purposefully large in order to be something that can be read with ease from a few feet away. Currently, kfish is available at kfish.info.

Kfish1 Kfish2 Kfish3 KFishGRE KfishFRA KfishARN KFishABU

*kfish was formerly known as kindlefish. The photos above were taken before the change.

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