Bagarmossen Timelapse

Bagarmossen Timelapse

Bagarmossen is a suburb of Stockholm that was the focus of a class project that I did while I was studying at KTH. In our class, we were given a straight two mile long stretch in the city (assigned randomly) and asked to investigate what was there. The line was actually a piece of uncooked spaghetti tossed on a map. Our line was between two very different communities bound by a greenspace called the Nacka  Nature Reserve.


Bagarmossen is an idyllic centrally planned suburban community built along with the subway expansion in the 1950s. It is a middle class neighborhood with a strong connection to social democratic ideals. Kolarängen, on the other hand, is an idyllic community of detached homes, built one by one by the residents there over the past few decades. It is a middle upper class neighborhood that leans towards the more conservative party, the moderates. They are opposites, but meet in the green space between.

We were asked to delve into the substance of the place, experience it, and then report on what we found. As part of that project, I created a timelapse of the main square and into the park as well. I lacked an intervalometer for the project and this was one of the first timelapses that I put together.  Looking forward, I am looking forward to having a proper intervalometer that will also do rotation over the timelapse (This project on Kickstarter). For now, here is my tribute to “Bagis”:

BagisSnow BagisSign BagisCentrum

Before this, there were two tests to see how things worked and how the video encoder handled these timelapses. The first was in the subway and the second at the Christmas market in Gamla Stan.